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  Anyfine Industrial Co. Ltd. is an international supplier of quality mobile phone accessories, handsets, inner parts, and assorted attachments.

 Our parts and accessories inventories include housings, chargers, handsfree attachments, protector screens, protector cases, as well as batteries and power banks.

 We also supply a wide variety of inner parts, including brand-name complete LCDs and displays, touch surfaces and digitizers, flex cables, speakers, microphones, buzzers, charger connectors and ICs.

In addition to parts and accessories, we offer refurbished original Blackberry and iPhone handsets, refurbished Nextel handsets, as well as a selection of high-quality Chinese-brand mobile phones.

Based in China, we're proud to assist customers cross the globe, supplying the North American, South American, Asian and European continents with quality merchandise and accommodating service. Our employees, all university graduates who enjoy their work, pride themselves in delivering you the most satisfying customer experience possible.

 Anyfine Co. Ltd.'s mission is to continue growing until we become the #1 mobile phone parts and accessories supplier in China, and we plan to achieve that goal by guaranteeing high calibre production and refurbishment, as well as service you can depend upon. We accomplish this through the operation of our very own factory where we're able to strictly monitor the output quality of our products, and welcome you to visit our operations.


We operate three offices in the Guangzhou area:


Room A031, 1st Floor, Binbin Electronic Building

Liu er san Road, No. 88, Liwan District

Guangzhou, Guangdong, China


Room 104, NO.148-1, BingJiang Road, HaiZhu District

Guangzhou, Guangdong, China


Room 105, NO.148-1, BingJiang Road, HaiZhu District

Guangzhou, Guangdong, China

Our operating hours are:

Monday-Friday, 9 A.M. to Midnight

Saturday, 2 P.M. to 6 P.M.


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