Five types of wireless Bluetooth headsets

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There are more and more Bluetooth headsets on the market. You should understand before choosing a specific product. The current Bluetooth headsets are broadly divided into five categories: head-mounted, traditional in-ear, recently-launched neck-mounted and binaural-independent, and bone conduction headphones that have been acquainted by various sports people. I don’t know which one to choose.


1, head-mounted


Compared with the small in-ear headphones that Asians prefer, these headphones are more suitable for European and American styles. For example, the well-known Beats is a typical representative. Because the headphones are large enough to accommodate larger units, more circuits, and batteries, these headphones have many other features besides sound quality, such as noise reduction. In short, if you want to buy the most complete Bluetooth headset in one step, the head-mounted headphone is definitely the best choice.


Advantages: Large size, so it can accommodate more functions. Very competitive.

Disadvantages: big and heavy, not everyone likes to be wrapped up, especially in summer


2, ordinary in-ear

Among the in-ear Bluetooth headsets, these products are the earliest and the most mature, currently the cheapest. The shape of these headphones is basically the same, even the operating logic of the line control is the same. However, in terms of sound quality and additional functions, different products are still very different, so the price span is also large. If you just want a Bluetooth headset, the product within 100 dollars can meet the demand.


Advantages: The most mature products at present can meet the needs of most people.

Disadvantages: Some products between the ears can sometimes grind your neck.


3, neck hanging type:


This type can be regarded as a kind of ordinary in-ear Bluetooth earphone, and the connecting line between the ears is made into a neck-hanging shape and hung around the neck. The benefits are still a lot. In terms of shape and design, the neck-hanging part also has more patterns to play with. This neck-mounted product looks obviously cooler. Look at the Jasper X12 Neckband and you will know. However, after personal evaluation, most of these products are not very suitable for running.


Advantages: Compared with the common in-ear type, the shape is more diverse, the function is more powerful, the battery life is stronger, and the price is not more expensive than the common in-ear headphones of the same type.


Disadvantages: not suitable for running


4, binaural independent:


The new category created by Apple quickly spread across the country. In terms of product concept, this is the perfect wireless headset. However, in addition to Apple AirPods, these other types of headphones are divided into primary and secondary ears. When used alone, only one earphone can be used, and many products only have one ear when answering the phone. And the occasional connection stability is not good, and the sound delay is also very maddening. Another shortcoming is that the life time of these headphones is generally short, such as AirPods only 5 hours, and products like Sony noise reduction beans, only 3 hours.


5, bone conduction headphones


The wearing method is different from the traditional earphones, without covering the ears, and not playing in the ear canal, but on the head, the sound is transmitted to the auditory nerve through the tibia to produce a sense of hearing. Therefore, with this kind of earphone, you can hear the surrounding environment sound and the music from the headphones at the same time. This double listening experience is what many sports people dream of. For white-collar workers who are sitting in the office for a long time, it is also very easy to use.


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