How to choose a good power adapter manufacturer?

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Because of the advancement of technology, the development of the electronics industry is getting better and better, and the competition in the power adapter industry is becoming more and more fierce. In order to obtain greater benefits, many unscrupulous manufacturers produce a large number of inferior power adapters to enter the market. Everyone must be careful when choosing a power adapter wholesale manufacturer. Let’s take a look at how to choose a good power adapter manufacturer.

1. Find a direct factory instead of looking for a trader.

With the rise of the Internet, many companies put their information on the Internet, which is convenient for everyone to find information. There are also some traders who pretend to be direct factories to release products online, so when choosing a power adapter manufacturer, you must choose a direct factory, do not choose a trader.

2, look at the strength of the manufacturers

When we are looking for a manufacturer, we can first understand the company’s registered capital, plant area, company size, etc., and then understand the manufacturer’s R & D team, quality, production line, etc. to understand, a powerful power adapter The manufacturer must have a very large R & D team and quality team.

The plant area and number of people can be seen in the company’s delivery cycle, and the R&D team can guarantee the quality of the products!

3, see the company’s product certification

Many high-copy power adapter products on the market are not certified. The power adapters produced by regular manufacturers are certified by certification bodies, such as China’s 3C certification, European CE certification, US UL, FCC certification, etc., and the products undergo a series of tests before leaving the factory, aging, etc., to ensure that products flowing into the client are safe and usable. The cost of certification is relatively high, and the quality of the product can be guaranteed!

4, see the delivery date of the product

Factories with better strength generally have stricter control over the delivery and quality of the products. If the shipping cycle is relatively long, the quality of the materials, processing and products cannot be controlled.

5, see the aging time

The aging time of small factories is generally short.

6, look at the manufacturers’ after-sales service

Generally, when selecting a power adapter manufacturer, it is necessary to consider whether its after-sales service is comprehensive, because the advantages and disadvantages of after-sales service will directly affect the satisfaction of consumers. When selecting the power adapter manufacturer, the power adapter’s warranty, after-sales service and other relevant regulations can guarantee the rights and interests of consumers, and there is no guarantee after buying it.

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