What are the factors that affect the life of the power adapter?

The power adapter is a device that converts the AC input to a DC output. The principle of its operation is mainly to close the IC control power switch to maintain a stable voltage output.

However, this voltage must be rippled. In this case, the filter is used for filtering. The IC generally does not have problems, so if there is a problem, there is a problem with the filter capacitor.

So we talk about the first problem in the power adapter is the capacitor, and the filter capacitor inside the adapter is the most vulnerable, but this is not absolute, you can tell me the problems that other components will also use during the process, eventually leading to The power supply does not work. But we don’t consider accidents.

The filter capacitor in the power adapter usually uses a point-solving capacitor. (The solid capacitor can also be used. The price is naturally very different.) The point-solving capacitor will have a high temperature during operation, and its service life is inversely proportional to the temperature. The temperature is higher. High, the shorter the service life. The quality of the capacitor absolutely affects its life. The average company uses a capacitor with a life of several thousand hours. Compared with the life of the power adapter, the life limit of the power adapter is greatly limited. We use the top three manufacturers’ power supplies and capacitors. The lifespan is generally more than 50,000 hours, and the filter capacitor will be bulged at about 50,000 hours, and the power adapter will no longer work.

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